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Default I knew Hawkins county was great

Just checked the state and county map for how many butterfly species frequent and live here-at least part of the year. I had no idea-OVER 75 species! Butterflys use to be common back up in Delaware County PA when I was a kid, but due to building and destruction of habitat, they were seldom if ever seen since I was in my teens.

Then I moved down south, and began to truly enjoy the outdoors around here. The vivid colors of the butterflys and the various shapes and sizes of them amazed me. If for no other reason I am planting native species to attract more of them to my somewhat rural setting. After all when beneficial insects are brought in, they do what no man made in the lab result can ever be-better living thru 100% natural means.

I hope I can get some pictures of butterflys on some of the flowers around here later this year. It would be nice. The oranges, yellows, blues, blacks, greens on these creatures are just lovely.
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