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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
Oh oh oh.... please be specific on soldering guns since I know there's quite a few different types out there and I don't want to buy the wrong type for what I'm going to be doing. I'm not exactly the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to picking the right tool for the job.

Any soldering gun is good. The higher the wattage the quicker it heats up and the hotter it gets. If you were soldiering electronics I'd tell you to get a 20/40 watt. For doing general work 40+ is better (if you can find them cheap I'd get 80 or 150), some even go to 300 to 1200 watts ( you don't need those).

As far as wire goes to wrap the joints, use any flexable wire that holds it's shape. Copper, aluminum, steel(hard to find small guage). You should just be able to wrap the wire around the joints and it will hold it tightly. Then paste on your flux, then heat the wire and just like doing stained glass it will wick the soldier right in. Remember to take some 200 grit or so sand paper to the wire before you soldier it.
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