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Originally Posted by strangerhere View Post
havalotta--would you be willing to expand slightly on your technique? When you say "cut" and "shake off" I am not entirely sure what that means.
I have a shovel, can I use that to cut the turf? And what are you shaking off? I suspect this is a silly question but I am a total novice.

I do have a habit of over thinking and researching forever to find the optimal solution. I should probably just get out there with my shovel and cardboard and mulch and get started.
Well of course, and there's "no" such thing as a silly question here.
We were all beginners at some point in our lives. You should have heard all the questions spewing forth from my lips when I first joined.
I'm more than honored if I'm in any way able to help someone out.

I was referring to the sod. I cut through it with a shovel in lets say, about a foot wide strip. A smaller shovel works best if you aren't very strong or have balance problems. I then cut the strips into manageable pieces I can lift. They'd be about one foot by two foot. I finish prying the 1x2' chunk of sod up by shoving the shovel underneath it until it breaks free. Lift it up with your hands, shake the soil from it and flip it over and set it back down into place to smother itself.

I just shake off the first row around a bed so it lies more even with the soil it merges into. The rest is lifted and flipped as is... unless you want to transport the chunk to another area for use as in creating a hill or patching a burnt out area from doggy doo or where a flower bed once was and you want the grass to match. Seeding an area just doesn't quite do as the mix just never seems to match the type of grass you have as there are so many variations in height, color and width.

If you want to save time AND have the money... Just remove and flip the sod from around its perimeter, put your edging in or whatever and purchase a load of soil and dump it in on top of layers of newspapers and or cardboard. DON'T just dump soil on top with out the papers or cardboard as the grass and weeds DO grow up and through it unless buried.... real deep!
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