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This is a big topic of discussion here and there are many ways of going about it.

Here is one suggestion for site preparation from Prairie Nursery.

Site Preparation
The first step in soil preparation is to eliminate the existing vegetation. All weeds and grasses on the site must be killed by smothering, cultivating, herbiciding or a combination of these techniques. Smothering weeds on small areas is simple, effective and requires no chemicals or special equipment. Cover the soil surface with black plastic, pieces of old rugs, plywood, or a thick layer of newspapers covered with leaves or grass clippings. Leave in place for a full growing season to kill the plants underneath. Weed-free lawns can usually be killed in two months using smothering. If perennial weeds are present, a full year may be required.

Prairie Establishment Guide : Prairie Nursery Native Plants, Buy Native Plants | Native Seeds | No Mow Lawn | Native Landscape Consulting

Here's another site, basically the same information, but wordier!

PlantNative - How To - Site Preparation
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