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Default Best online instructions for smothering lawn?

Hi! I have a front lawn/weed patch and want to start converting it into a bird and butterfly garden. My question is... What's the best and cheapest way to prepare the ground/kill the lawn and weeds? Can you share links? I've been poking around in this forum but I am not seeing basic instructions for those starting out.

This area gets nearly all day sun and is along the front sidewalk. I'm a little nervous about annoying neighbors by leaving an empty mulched bed all summer, but I have plenty of corrugated cardboard boxes, so I can lay those out and cover them with mulch.

Do I need to spray first? I'd rather not. Will the weed seeds survive a summer covered with cardboard and mulch? I figure I give it a summer and plant shrubs in the fall. Is that sensible? Or should I lay black plastic under the mulch rather than cardboard? I have no experience with this so I'll be grateful for any wisdom anyone can share.

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