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The best bird feeders I found for finches is those socks stuffed with the tiny sun flower seeds and the thistle seeds.

I have seen five or six hanging off those socks, as cute as can be. I reuse the socks and hang them back up. Last year the socks finally dry rotted so I could not use them. I bought a tiny wire bird feeder. It will do, I guess. I don't have to feed them for too long- just as soon as you all have mentioned the purple cone flowers seed.
I also use to raise those tiny seeded sun flowers to bring them in.

I want rid of house sparrows, but I think once a bunch have been raised around your place they are there for now on. They are in my hazel nut shrubs - pooping, and fluttering around - and bringing in ticks to get on me when I try to mulch my plants, and even into the fall when I am trying to pick up my hazelnuts. Bad little things.
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