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Actually I have compass plant (Silphium laciniatum?), Helianthus microcephalis and Coreopsis _______; all yellow, that the goldfinches seem to really like, as well as brown-eyed Susan and coneflower, but it will be a while yet before any of them have flowers, much less seeds.

I like to make it easy for the parents to feed themselves at this time of the year even if they have to find lots of insects for the youngsters.

And I like to feed all the finches--house and purple as well as gold.

Anyone know if they like 'cup plant' (I think it's Silphium per-something. . .)?
I've been thinking about that one, but worried that mosquitoes might breed in the 'cups'!

Great reminder to plant more for the different finch species--any other favorite natives that the finches really enjoy?
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