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Originally Posted by NEWisc View Post
Ah ha indeed! I got an advanced copy of the revised flyer and placed it between the pollinator display and the butterfly gardening display. I thought that would be a very appropiate location. I had an inside track here, since my better half and I created those two displays.

I created the little business card sized pieces that people could pick up and take with them. Having given it a little more thought since the conference, I think a better idea would be to create bookmark size pieces that could be printed out on heavy card stock paper. They would be less lightly to get lost in other handouts, and might get more exposure if people used them as bookmarks. (Unabashed hint to Cirsium to create a bookmarks flyer).
So it was YOU that got me hooked. Twas but a week later and I had joined!

I see that I missed NEWisc's "hint" to create a WG bookmark; I'll put that on my list.
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a few of those if they come to be. I've a friend with a little greenhouse that might allow me to place a few.
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