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Default Not exactly a tool in the traditional sense but...

I do use it in my little ponds. I tried fixing it with duct tape but... duct tape failed me. I keep looking at this net and thinking there has to be a way to replace what's there with some left over window screening I've got laying around but.... I'm not seeing how to do it. I've tried taking it apart and I'm getting the feeling that after the netting was put in, the plastic frame was fused somehow. Does anyone have any ideas? I've got 2 nets like this and they're both useless but the poles and frames are still good. I do have scraps of screen laying around. Window screen will probably last longer than what ever is used in these nets that they charge $15 for.
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Not exactly a tool in the traditional sense but...-img_2443.jpg   Not exactly a tool in the traditional sense but...-img_2444.jpg  
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