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linrose> I never did get the hang of using that scythe..... there were a few times I had to scoop out muck from my eye sockets so I could see to get myself out of trouble. II lost not 1 but 2 boots out there.... never to be found again and it wasn't like I lost a left boot and a right boot so I would still have a pair I could use.... albeit mismatched... I lost 2 lefts so I had to pitch the rights. Figures.
rocker> "I am fairly young" braggart. Just funnin with ya. I don't think a scythe is something I'd want to mail order and they really don't have any around here for me to try.... I looked. I'm gonna have to stick to the Stihl until I run into another scythe that's just my size at an estate sale.
The scythe in your YouTubes is WAY different than the scythe I have that has 2 handles on it. I could see that style working regardless of our height and arm length. I don't think I've ever seen 1 like that before anywhere. I'd like to try that style.
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