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There are online scythe shops that will make it the correct dimensions. It seems very important to make sure the size of the scythe is correct, as this makes the whole process fluid.

I am fairly young but from what I am reading, the process of cutting shouldn't be a vigorous process, but a fluid one.

There are different blades for different sorts of plants. Grass blades are mostly for haying. Ditch blade will do some bigger things (1/4th inch diameter), and a brush blade will take out clusters of sapling trees. Efficiency will be lost by using different blades, as obviously a thin grass blade will dent/split up on larger trees. A brush blade will take forever to cut grass or might not so well since the blade is so large to work against the saplings better.

Will be important to listen to the ground and grass on how to efficiently process the brush/grass. I will be processing meadows in late winter and doing various mowing of areas that are hard to get a heavy mower to.

Also keeping the blade sharp. They suggest every 5min or so to hone the blade and every 2 hours (?) to work on the edge of the blade.

I just got delivery of the scythe and its based on the Austrian model, and not the American. Basically the same as in this video.

I hope I can end up being able to mow my grass and meadows with the scythe.
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