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skull ~Cleaning - What's Safe to use?~

As my cleaning products run out, I'm wondering what I can use instead, because I probably never gave much of a thought to where these products go afterward. Then roger noticed an empty Lysol Bowl Cleaner in the trash so he replaced it before I got a chance to ask what else I could use.

I know WG isn't exactly "that" kind of site, but then if it can keep some of us from going elsewhere for the answers, that's good! Right?

I have 25 year old shower doors, need I say more? In can't get on my knees to de-grunge the glass and gasket, so Roger said we'd replace them. Then he saw how much that would cost.

If I go to Home Depot or somewhere, I'm sure they'll recommend a product I shouldn't use, right? So let's start here with some good alternatives to poisoning the planet!
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