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Ohhhh this is a great thing to discuss
I am thinking on this myself.

If you are talking about around your house or nice flower gardens well-----
I loved cypress mulch if I had the money, the strength to lug it home -- ohhhh and then some one at another garden site said to use cypress was hurting the swamps-- so now I have guilt -- but if not for those three things that would be all I would use.

Cypress mulch IT last forever -- and to make it even last longer -- I put down wet newspapers and then the cypress. Ohh, dry newspapers -- is harder they fly away -- just been there and done that too. Oh to be younger -- would that mean I would be foolish again. But back to cypress mulch ---It does not blow away and best of all - it does not wash away -- well I am sure if there was enough water and really steep it would, but it has surprised me how well it does stay put. Well --okay the geese getting in and digging it and the newspaper up sort of makes it disappear -- darn it. But if you don't have geese!!!!!

But darn -- I have a long driveway that is landscaped to keep erosion at bay, for I have steep sides, then I have strawberries, hazelnuts, blackberries, herbs, blueberries, and sun chokes.

I feel like I should be some expert on mulch -as much as I have mulched, you know how it is.

I have gotten loads of mulch from road crews -- it is great stuff, but I worry what it brings in diseases, but it is free and I don't let that fear stop me.. This stuff does take the nitrogen out- sucks nitrogen right on out _ I have seen it. I think it is because of the green leaves in the stuff breaks down so fast that the metabolism of the fungus and bacteria is also going at rapid speed too. So it takes the nitrogen out faster and more of it than that pine bark mulch you - dear Linrose are talking about. Pine bark decays slower so the decays is slower thus doesn't drain the nitrogen so fast. I am pretty sure it will be okay with out adding alfalfa meal, if the soil is okay to begin with.

Pine straw is something I have used when I have had a little bit that I can rake up --I have not gone and bought it and lugged it home -A lot , of people love it, though -- they call it Pearl or pirle , or something fancy.

In the last five years I have been getting straw. And as I have learned to work with it --- I really like it! A lot of people say that it brings weeds in with it and some of it is not clean and does, but it also smothers the weeds too - and it last -- I like it to last. It last a little longer than a year. I use to think it blew away, but it does not if you get it down on a day that it is not windy -- and as it lays it takes up moisture and stays put. Once again though -- I mulch so much -- it is ridicules-- even straw is costing me too much money .

SO what do I have -- well my men bale hay - 5 year old bales is getting rather old and we have it in the barn. The cows would rather starve than eat it that old.. Soooo I am going to use that this year. I have used it before. It exhaust me to unwind it in those big round bales, I don't like that, but I don't have to lug it home though - that is done for me by my men with a spear and a tractor and it is free. It depletes nitrogen but it puts it right back in fast too. It disappears fast though - one day everything is mulch and then I look up and it is gone. It can bring in weed seeds but like straw if handled right it can smother them too.

Oh-- and for permanent mulch: I have done a lot of this and it sure makes maintenance so easy and that is black plastic, and gravel, rocks, bricks.

Oh and I have chicken house -- pine shavings too that is good stuff, but as much as I mulch --it is not enough Plus the shavings unless it is really weighed down with lots of chicken manure -- blows away. I need my head examined -- I just ordered more blueberries and they came in yesterday -- Southern high bush instead of the usually northern high bush - more mulching.
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