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Rack Em!!! You done good.... nooooooooooo..... you done excellent!!! Anyone can do this.... literally.... anyone. Coupla things I've learned "playing" over the last few years. T-shirt material works great.... better than a dish towel which I had been using in the beginning. What I found works better is thread bare underwear. Ya know how guys hang onto their underwear a little bit too long trying to get a few extra wears out of their tightie whities>>>? That's the underwear you want to get your hands on. It's perfect.
For me.... inoculating newspaper with my EM serum works the best because I can tear off a sheet of newsprint at a time and toss it in my kitty litter bokashi buckets and after I add a few inches of waste.... I tear off another sheet of newsprint and add it and keep layering like that until the bucket is full. I've found that for my big momma composter out back in the shade, inoculating wood pellets for wood burning stoves works best. I think a bag of the pellets is about 40 lbs. Could be 50#. I inoculate a $4 bag of wood pellets with the EM serum. The pellets will disintegrate soon after they absorb the EM serum. They're basically reduced to sawdust. Anywhooo, I dry the sawdust in a kiddie pool. Every few days I stir it so it dries thoroughly. When it's done drying, I store it in 5 gallon buckets and sprinkle it over the top of my compost pile when ever I remember. Adding the inoculated sawdust accelerates the rate at which our food wastes and chicken poops process in that pile exponentially. 1 thing though, that compost pile is in deep shade not sun. High temps will destroy the essential microorganisms. The center of it might hit higher temps but the top layers of waste never do.
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