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Yay! Yippee! XOXOX

So now we got crackers, who's bringing cheese (rennet just in for my first mozzarella soon)? Pasta with what sauce for entree? My romaine and spinach won't be ready for weeks. Hmmm. What for salad and what for dessert?

Pal o' mine recently sent this recipe she swears tastes like wheat thins. Rather than spend a fortune on almond flour, I tried to grind some in my mill and no joy, just gummed it up. So I guess you gotta buy the almond flour or have the proper grinder to do this:

ALMOND THINS - Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes

I would LOVE to be able to make Triscuits at home.
If only I had access to un-asphalted ground...
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