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The kids liked Ritz with homemade horseradish cheese spread. We all liked Wheat Thins with artichoke dip and.... Pillsubury loved Triscuits with aged cheddar. I don't buy them anymore except for New Year's Eve because I made the mistake of whipping out my magnifying glass and reading the labels on them a coupla years ago. Saltines are easy enough to make from scratch and they turn out like.... drum roll please.... Saltine Crackers. My graham crackers didn't taste like store bought IMO. They tasted good... just different. After a feew years we won't remember what the store bought graham crackers tasted like so it won't matter.
Dappy> Uh huh.... I made a few batches of crackers and you didn't get any. A few were great... most were so so and some were total disappointments.
Yup.... you missed a 5 star thread. You GOTTA do this.... it's so easy, Just save your eggshells then follow the 1st video she posted. I'll be spraying my plants with it this year!!!
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