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4B> a rolling pin works perfectly fine!!! hava gave me a Ronco. I was really excited about it. I bought forms for it. So far I've used it once and it did great. Here's hoping it was an older model so I get 15 years out of it!!! It's a definite time saver.
sounds!!!! Long time no hear. I was just thinking about you the other day when I looked at a tray of grilled egg shells out in the garage!!! I've got my containers of the "good stuff" ready to go for this season.... those egg shells were left over that I forgot to give to people to "experiment" with.
Last year I made graham crackers and saltines for the 1st time. I was surprised how easy they were to make too. I've been growing some herbs and the 1st recipe you posted looks like the 1 I'll give a spin 1st only because I'll be in the mood to experiment soon as I can start harvesting some of my herbs.
There are 3 crackers we used to buy a lot that I'd like to find recipes for... Ritz, Wheat Thins, and Triscuit. There are no organic options for those so I just flat out stopped buying them except for New Year's Eve. I did try a few Ritz recipes I found online.... none of them I tried tasted like Ritz and I ended up giving em to the chickens. Same thing with the 1 Wheat Thin recipe I experimented with.... it tasted ok but.... not even close to tasting like a Wheat Thin store bought cracker. I never could find a Triscuit recipe to try but... I'd like to since that's the cracker we used to like the best out of all the store bought crackers.
Here's a good tortilla chip recipe starter if anyone wants it, Flour Tortillas Recipe - - 88287. I use butter instead of shortening. All you do after you make the tortillas is cut them into wedges and put them on a baking sheet then brush on some olive oil and bake at 350 until they look right. Just be careful if you're using blue flour because they don't darken up to the eye without pulling out the sheet.
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