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Default Cypress-Mulch Industry Threatens Our Wetlands

Cypress-Mulch Industry Threatens Our Wetlands

Honey Island Group, Sierra Club -- Cypress-mulch industry threatens our wetlands
Did you know that your next work in your yard may contribute to the irretrievable and unnecessary loss of Louisiana wetlands?

Your local home-products-warehouse store or garden center may be selling horticultural mulch made from ground-up young cypress trees! This is not the residue of lumber production; wetlands and marshes are being cleared of immature cypress, just for the immediate financial gain of the harvesters.
Many buyers think that cypress mulch is termite resistent. This is not true for such young trees and when ground up for mulch!

Cypress mulch is receiving such a bad reputation that some manufacturers are repackaging it as 'Red Mulch'. Please don't be misled; it's still the same thing.
We have a thread discussing wildlife friendly mulches here:
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