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Oh oh oh.... I got me 1 of those tools they used in that video to sharpen the shovels. I'm going to go buy a new head for mine!!! I wonder if there's a head I could buy to sharpen my axes>>>?
recurve> don't forget I want to see your kitchen AND your outdoorsy type knife "duds"!!!
River> in that post of mine where I took a photo of my cleaver..... waaaaay over on the other side of that photo is a serrated Cutco knife. That's the knife that's taking all the abuse around here. I lose that knife all the time because I'm constantly running around with it outside. You said this about that Buck knife, "useful for chores around the house when you do not want to dull a kitchen knife". Is there anything out there that's serrated that you could turn me onto? Something that I could buy so that I could keep the Cutco in the drawer where it belongs? I'm tired of losing it and if I bought something like that for outside.... I could spray paint the handle fluorescent pink so it'd be easier to find.
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