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Liquid> “I broke a handle of one of my fillet knives this past winter -- it was plastic -- but the knife was fine. What do I do to get a new handle on it?” I’m pretty sure I’ve run across knife handles online for sale before. Maybe try a Gander Mountain or some sort of a sportsman’s center where you could bring your knife in? I definitely wouldn’t throw it out.
What kind of knife would be good for sweet potato thin slices” 5th knife over in my 1st photo…. start looking for them at estate sales otherwise you’re gonna pay through the nose getting 1 that’s decent that’ll last. Maybe you could try eBay? Does this mean you’ll have the beginnings of a “lust” list>>>?
recurve> I started out with better quality knives.... I just didn't know to sharpen em. Time went on and I really wasn't making the connection that the "replacement" knives I was buying not only sucked.... they were cheap. I'm learning.... sometimes it takes me a while to catch on but.... sooner or later I get it so I definitely wanna see your duds soon as you get a breather!!! Not just the duds in the kitchen drawer but the duds in your hunting and fishing and gardening stashes too!!!!
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