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Ooooo Sorry, I somehow missed the last two comments.

Equill: Look around.... see any acorns or nuts? How about pine cones? Most of the fruiting trees dropped and about the only thing clinging out there that I can see are buckthorn berries
Sage: We drove over a hundred miles yesterday in two countries and I didn't see any pinecones!!! Aaaacccckkkk!
Dapjwy: Smile. I was wondering where I'd find some photogenic pine ones or acorns myself.
Ewe...With all the talk about not having any photos of those stored to fall back upon (YES they'd be eligible) nor wanting to go forth to look out doors at this time of the year for them (We've plenty of them "here") And receiving private suggestions about holding off on the contest along with waiting for Will-O-Wisp to buy a camera I'm afraid we've skidded into a spin.
W.G.: Let's fire up this contest after Will-o-wisp has a camera.
Who is judging this contest; me or you?
We could still DO the contest but it is so very important that I receive the promised monetary donations from those that originally agreed to join in.
With out those, we could still hold the contest, but there wouldn't be enough to purchase the "said" prize unless others jump in.

Show those hands! Shall we move forth and go ahead with the contest as planned?
If so, I can start one up next week upon my return with W.G. Admin stepping in as our judge.
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