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Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
What a great service you are doing. Did you already do the follow-up activities or are they still in the planning stages?
I did the follow up activities to that specific survey already. One of the best parts was bringing in a black widow spider in a jar that was in my basement window so had to be removed. I put a grasshopper in there just before I left to the make-shift science room. I was doing a lesson on spiders and webs, when the widow decided to go for the grasshopper. It was awesome - and I mean that word in the true sense. The way the spider went for the prey at that particular moment, and also the sheer excitement/wonder/terror of the kids. About 20 kids were laughing/squealing/screaming as they watched around me. I had them dig through compost, did a worm activity, polished amber, built habitats in a box, but nothing beat that night.
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