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Morpho Butterfly 2 Drinking parties

Drinking parties
August 2001
Anita Carpenter

Drinking parties -- Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine -- August 2001
excerpt from above:
Drinking parties. The phrase brings to mind groups of friends packed together at corner taverns watching their favorite teams on big-screen televisions, telling jokes and swapping stories.

On a gravel road the morning after a rain, sippers of a different type cluster around mud puddles and damp areas. Tens to hundreds of butterflies gather in an activity known as mud-puddling, puddling, drinking parties or bachelor parties. It is a curious behavior whose function is little understood.

About ten o'clock one early August morning along the Larsen snowmobile trail, I was a bystander watching hundreds of sulphur butterflies puddling. Once a butterfly selected a damp area, others quickly…
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