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Idea # 1 is to grow fresh herbs to sell to restaurants. It would be a good idea to have nice herbs potted up, so that if I have to try to peddle the herbs at a farmer's market, I'll have other goods too. Some sell dried herbs in a canning jar. But I haven't gone on a regular basis to know if she always has dried herbs, or only now and then.

Hanging herbs to dry not a good idea here, unless I want to do it in the back room, which is air conditioned. They'll mold in our humidity if I try to do it in a shed outside. I understand they lose a lot of their flavor that way, but it's still a possibility. They could still be used as garnish and in arrangements and crafts, if not for seasoning.

And for seasoning - I'm not sure where I got the idea, but I could experiment with bundles of dried mixed herbs. They'd be cute, but intended to pop in your stew or soup. Kind of like bouquet-garni in a bouquet instead of a powder.
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