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I found this I enjoy exploring antiques and such and to actually figure out what something was used for is cool...
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As to how I knew that, I grew up on a small farm. My father used to have one and he actually knew how to use it. Even though he had moved on to a tractor and hay mower by the time I'd arrived on the scene he tried to teach me how to use it. I never really did get the hang of it but it's not the kind of tool that you forget.
...and to hear stories from members and learn about other's experiences that differ from my own is very cool too. I almost feel like I'm just one step removed from all of this; my dad grew up on a farm that I think the family sold when he was 18. He had a huge garden on our 3/4 of an acre lot--my mother always said he wanted more land. I have to wonder if he didn't have experience using such a tool.
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