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The Eupatorium havanense is a slower grower than the blue. but it grows and lives even in 5" of rain a year. I am due east of you, Scarecrowsdrm, a bit colder , drier and definitely more alkaline . Nothing neutral about my soil. The blue will grow in slightly richer altered soil with weekly water. I grow things hard here so I have killed the blue. I have seen a 6 ' + clump just maniacally covered in butterflies at the Natural Gardener In Austin Texas.. We are too dry for the Big Bend Eupatorium greggii. That likes desert wet canyons in its native zone. The havenese will grow on limestone rock outcropping with barely any soil. It grows slow but steadily. It is more of a shrub with woody structure when out in the sun.

i was getting a clod of forty butterflies erupting from the bush when I walk up to it. What a rush!!! I am spreading around the seedlings into the edge of the tree lines in my woods.. I want more of it.
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