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Germany’s got itself in a fine mess….. the Eastern European “freebies” are drying up so it’s gonna be even harder for their “elite” to ride the highs of their graphs for the sake of “appearances” to their people, The elite controlling their country can run but as the Wildpoldsried “experiment” ultimately proved…. they probably won’t be able to hide the long term consequences of their money grubbing acts for long that benefitted so few at the expense of so many, Germany's Green Energy Goals Are Potentially Unrealistic |, “Germany has shunned nuclear and coal in an attempt to use wind and solar. Renewable sources are not only much more expensive but also cannot begin to provide the amount of energy at economical rates. Germans are also big fans of natural gas but the problem is Germany has very little of it. Germany has had to import its natural gas, some from fairly reliable partners like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom but mostly from an increasingly assertive and authoritarian Russia.
So rather than promote independence in energy, Germany’s green policies are making it ever more dependent on an autocracy. Even under the Soviets, Germany’s wet winters were made more commodious with the pleasant warmth provided by Russian gas. Schroeder and Putin were the best of friends, aided by the fact that Putin spoke fluent German from his time running the KGB station in Dresden, Germany. When Schroeder was fired by the German people he quickly found employment as a lobbyist for Gazprom, the Russian energy titan.
This leaves Germany with a series of problems with no pleasant solution. It can either lift the ban on nuclear power or extend the lives of its plants as Sweden has already done. It can build a lot more coal-fired power plants, which Vattenfall is now trying to do in Hamburg, or it can opt for conservation, renewable energy and economic stagnation. The latter seems to be the path that Germany has chosen. Economic stagnation or even moderate economic growth or slight contraction might not be so bad for Germany.”
Germany has been anything but responsive to its people in all but Wildpoldsried… it’s poster child community, To the multinational equivalents of the Suhartos and Rockefellers taking over their country….. yes…. to their people and the environment on which future generations of Germans depend for survival…. no. We forget…. development of green energy like solar and wind is dependent on government subsidies, incentives, and grants and investors looking to profit from the UN’s carbon schemes and when more of those artificial props start drying up…. the elite WILL move on to more profitable ways of taking “care” of us …. that’s when el shitto will really start hitting el fanno. Reality is…. BigSolar and BigWind are totally dependent on tax revenue and BigOil. The global elite and their “stakeholders” control BigOil and their henchmen seem to control all our politicians these days.
1 more thing…. Germany may be a “Democracy” but…. the US was SUPPOSED to be a Republic. I’m glad more folk are starting to take long hard looks at the “science” behind the globalists…. their science ISN’T exactly environmentally sound and it’s proving time and time again to be anything but ecologically responsible…. this anything to make a buck at the expense of humanity and the environment really needs to stop IMO.
Dappy> You totally nailed it with this, "...and who doesn't want a better quality of life?"
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