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I really should stop joking around!!! I don't have any chickens I can part with right now.... not even for a gift. Even if you gave me the go ahead.... there's no spares here that would be your speed since the hawk pegged Herschel. It's the ameraucanas or the orpingtons you'd want and I don't have roos for those.... only 1 roo that's a dorking and those are meat birds and they're not a good breed to get for 1st time chicken owners.... that's for sure. We're down to our own pets now and next year I'm going for 'Freedom Ranger' broilers and all those will go to freezer camp if... the mink don't get em because I won't mix those with our "goils". I do plan on getting another Ameraucana rooster but.... it's got to be the "right" rooster temperament wise.... same thing with an Orpington rooster. It's got to have the right temperament or I don't want it. I do have 8 little orpingtons here but.... I need all females from the hatch for myself and any males will fly out the door since these were imported from England. I have an order of Ameraucana chicks in for next spring and I'm crossing my fingers there's a roo in there I'll want to keep but... I only ordered 12 chicks. I could end up with half pullets and half cockerels but... it's the luck of the draw with day olds and I could end up with all pullets and no roos... it's happened to people before. We'll see. A friend told me he's giving me a "present" and his wife told me on the sly the "present" was a 4 mos old black American Orpington cockerel because he ended up with 2 but.... if the bird is even the least bit hokey.... it's outa here. I will have more babies to share with people soon as I get some roos but... it's probably not gonna be until next fall for orpingtons and the year after on ameraucanas. Dorking chicks I could "hatch" out next spring now that I've got a roo that's not related to my females.
Of the kittens I took home.... 1 went to my girlfriend and the other went to my neighbor in a Longerburger (sp?) something or other fancy basket that 1 of my SILs gave me as a gift that I really have no use for that she wanted. I couldn't give the kittens to them right away because they needed some blood work. The blood work came back and the kittens didn't have FeLuke, FIP.... or Feline Aids so out the door they went. I don't even like kittens.... I can't stand them. They're into everything and they're destructive but they're so darn cute and the things they do make us laugh out loud so.... we woulda kept both of the males if my neighbor didn't want the other 1 but as it turns out.... she wanted it really bad so it's hers now. 2 of our cats are pushing 20 years of age and they're not happy about the kitten but.... they're tolerating it and they're even letting it sleep close to them. Our other cat is young and he's a dick so he's definitely not happy with the kitten but that cat doesn't like anything so we've been putting him away so he doesn't sink his teeth into Logan. We won't have to put POS away once the kitten hits about 6 or 7 lbs but right now.... POS would kill the kitten if he could get to it. Other than that.....our kitten is doing great.... it's zinging all over the place and we're attached to it so YOU can't have it!!! The only problem we've got with the kitten is that we had to put away all the mouse traps we'd set up to keep Zoe out of our plants and such. The kitten is too darn small and we were afraid if it got into 1 of the traps by accident... it'd end up with a broken paw. Needless to say.... Zoe is having a field day here gnawing on the kitten's head and chewing up plants and helping herself to everything on the kitchen counters BECAUSE the dog is smart and knows there's no mouse traps out to snap at her anymore.
Sage> me and my husband could easily be old cat ladies.... we're both cat people not dog people. We're accidental dog owners!!! When we 1st lived in sin... I had 6 cats and he had 5 and within 1 month.... he brought in #12 that he found dumped on a job site. We're told cats are cheaper by the dozen!!! 11 more Cookiecats and you'll be at a dozen!!!
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