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There's some states I just gotta "thang" for.... PA is 1 of em. I have to tell you I like NM and TN too though and for sure WV and the UP!!!! LA and AL and AR and WY are close contenders to those states though and my bet is AK would top my personal list but.... that's a state I've never been to.
Ya.... I am looking forward to the drive. I think hava would like stopiing at Shipshawanee or Napanee on the way through IN getting to your place and then we'd probably drive straight through OH and get into central PA where she'll be like ohhhhhing and ahhhhing when we start stopping at parks.
When I was a kid in HS.... me and a few girlfriends used to drive through PA getting to NYC. We did it in our Jr and Sr years because we were getting paid and that was when I got my 1st exposure to PA. A few times we drove up into VT and then a few other times we drove over into MA and NH when we were done working. Those states are at their prime in the fall. Anywhooo.... lemme know what kinda chicks you want me to bring you and J>>>>> Or a kitten.... I seem to have a bumper crop of those these days and I'm sure there's more where those came from to go along with your NEW chickens.... hava won't mind at all if I load the car with speshul "goodies" for you!!!!
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