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I wonder how Bowmans Root (Gillenia trifoliata) would do in your window box?
Although it is not listed as a hummingbird plant on any site I found when I planted the Bowmans root near my favorite hummingbird magnate, native honeysuckle (lonicera sempervirens), much to my surprise my lone hummer frequently visited this plant!

This is a pretty airy native (northeast) filler plant with delicate white flowers on long thin red tinged stems, it even has long lasting seed heads for the winter interest. Northcreek Nursery has a nice photo of it and a link to a mass planting of it in Millenium Park. After seeing the photo of the mass planting (and it rivals the look of the non-native verbena bonariensis -except the flowers are white instead of lavender- so loved by designers to give that tall airy see through plant look) I'm going to try a mass planting in front of 2 other lonicera sempervirens.
It is a tall, 3', airy plant that likes partial shade.

The photo isn't great but this is what the open seed heads look like now in the garden. You can also see the nice red stems. Easy to grow and divide.
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