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I never got around to trying out the Picassa much beyond trying to adjust a horizon in one of my photos. I recall after adjusting it, I closed the window or whatever it was and reopened it to see the change....It looked the same kitty whompus as before the adjustment was made. Hmmmmmm?

I use Windows photo gallery and Paint for any photo alterations made.

As far as the videos not showing up...My son took a look at things this weekend and found windows is NOT capable of handling the new cameras whatevers. He said turning down things in the camera would not alter things either. It's just not capable....... and I do recall reading that some computers will have trouble reading things PREVIOUS to buying it. Soooooo If I want to view things via slide show I must move ALL the videos to the folders end or it will STOP the slide show if it hits one in the process. I THINK he said they may show ok via the teli.
Bad thing is.....I have no idea what the videos are about unless I open each one AND rename them all.
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