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When traversing country trails like this, wear hiking shoes.
DO NOT wear open back or flip flops. They can easily trip you up sending you forward or worse yet....over the edge of a cliff!

It is always a good idea to carry the basic emergence supplies...
WATER, WATER WATER, an extra camera chip, EXTRA BATTERIES! light weight food (Packets of dried fruits and nuts, Energy bars) matches or a lighter, Knife, compass (and know how to use it!) a signal mirror, flashlight, tissues (Just in case) band-aids for friction blisters,
a plastic bag large enough to cover your camera should it rain.

If you'd like....add a few luxuries, chap stick, sinus or headach pills, a walking stick.
Earlier in the year you might even like to include sunscreen and bug repellent.
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A walk among the elusive Whitetail Deer
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