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I'm loving this!!!
I'm thinking what I need to do is be on the look-out for some sort of a spacious enclosure that allows for good air flow that I could set up in my living room.... maybe something that's 4' x 4'? Bummer that I missed the end of season sales on mini-greenhouses like what you've got but... there's always Craigslist and freecycle!!! I've got enough of those rubbermaid storage bins and I can start setting styrofoam sheets aside now that I'm seeing how they're being used. My living room is the catch all for all my goodies!!! The dogs don't go in there much unless I've got chicks in there so I'm thinking that'll be a good spot. I'm thinking that I've got to plant way more milkweed than what I've currently got planted and I'm thinking that I'll need to have a bumper crop of potted milkweeds for them to feed off of too!!! I wouldn't want to get caught with my pants down buying potted milkweed... I'd go broke!!! Around here.... it's the monarchs that need a hand. I think just about everything eats those not to mention their numbers are in serious decline because of the clear cutting going on down in Mexico.
Spritzing them sounds easy enough and it makes sense!!! Cool addition.... something I probably wouldn't have thought to do since I've never seen it mentioned anywhere!!!
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