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Thanks you guys are great and I think it's fantastic that you are playing such an important role in keeping the numbers up.I gardened for many years before I actually started raising caterpillars. I let nature take its course, and did well.

Though I began to notice in years with high concentrations of wasps and ants, my population would decline dramatically. So I decided to lend a hand, and since then my numbers have almost doubled. I have closed down my operation indoors because of an upcoming vacation, and it's kinda hard to find someone to babysit caterpillars. But there are still plenty of eggs and cats in the yard for next year.

Bridget, its awesome that you have so many BST for next year, what did you host them on? I went through approx 30 1gal parsleys this year. I put some bronze fennel in the ground to help out next year.

Linrose, definitely spritz if indoors, they don't get the extra moisture from dew and rain inside.
Great work!
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