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It's due time for an update on the terraces. I've been very pleased with the results of spring planting. My idea of mostly grasses with interspersed forbs is turning out well. So far I have planted wild bergamot, prairie blazingstar, dense blazingstar, white phlox paniculata, wild petunia, rose verbena, blue vervain, blue sage, wild quinine, pale purple coneflower, purple coneflower, rattlesnake master, smooth aster, blue-eyed grass, nodding onion, joe-pye weed, smooth beardtongue, foxglove beardtongue and downy phlox for forbs (I think that's it). For grasses I have two varieties of switchgrass, Northwind and Haense Herms, the species little bluestem and the variety Blue Heaven, Indiangrass, and prairie dropseed.

All the daylilies have gone away (happy day right dap?) and all but one Pennisetum are gone, given away to my landscaper neighbor (she's coming to take the last monsterously huge grass). There's still more to do, the bottom terrace needs to be redone, I still need to take out the irises and ligularia and replace them with natives. This tier is a shady area that needs tough plants. The ferns and columbine and green and gold that went in last year are doing well but need division and spacing out. The swamp milkweed really suffered from aphids this year and I have to rethink if I want them in the garden or plant them out in the sinkhole where I don't care how scruffy they look. I plan to add more monarda around the rose (sorry, I can't give it up!) either more bergamot or a pink M. didyma.

After it's all said and done there should only be two non-natives in the terraces, the rose and my Black Beauty lilies.

I took these photos this morning, sorry for the mess, I was weeding and digging and potting up daylilies and pennisetum yesterday.
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