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Default flowers for hummingbirds

Hummingbirds love bee balm (monarda). I've also had very good luck drawing them with cardinal climber. It's a vine, very delicate with very pretty leaves. You'd need to give it something to climb on (run string from the eaves to your flower box), but since the plant doesn't get huge, it doesn't have to be anything sturdy. I just start the cardinal climber over every spring, it's easy to grow from seed. Has very pretty flowers of the trumpet shaped variety hummers like. The hummers also love trumpet creeper, a hardy native vine, but be careful where you plant that. I planted a little baby one in bad soil and not very much sun, next to one of our drain spouts, five or six years ago. Our house is now disappearing under it! It's gigantic and the suckers it clings with aren't good for the roof and gutters (yes it is now climbing over the second story roof). On the plus side the office window that I'm sitting at as I type this, is covered with it. In the season, I can sit here and watch hummers come to the trumpet creeper while I do my email...
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