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So far I've used it to chip up to 1'' limbs and anything bigger is saved for firewood. The ones they pull on the trucks chip up to 4 inch logs but they run about 5K and have 4 cylinder engines. My Craftsman has a 6 hp engine and there's no way you can get your hands in the chipping mechanism. I've also used it for making mulch out of vines and leaves that would take months to compost. With the chipper what you make can be turned easily. It's also great to sheet mulch...I left the chips on some grass I wanted killed and the mulch took care of that.

I did see Fargo but they cut out the wood-chipper scene. I'm not one to sit through gory movies after I saw Jeepers Creepers.

Log Splitters are on Craig's List but very rarely. Most are powered by a PTO which means you need a tractor and the portable ones are most likely to be abused.

I imagine you could rent one but putting some logs in a few stacked tires is a down and dirty way to get a good work-out.
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