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This morning, after walking, I noticed a black, metal barrel for sale at a local yard sale. It got me thinking again about trying to extend the growing season in my greenhouse. I'm thinking that filling it with water will allow it to absorb heat during the day and give it off at night. My plan so far was to place four of these in each corner of the greenhouse and use it as a platform on which to grow some vegetables...

So, upon returning home I did a Google search for "converting a greenhouse"--the first link in the results was my own post here! Later, I searched for "passive solar greenhouse" and came up with this informative site: Bradford Research and Extension Center: Building a Passive Solar Greenhouse, it would seem that four barrels would not be enough...but, I'm guessing it woud still help extend the growing season at least a little. Also, the angle of my greenhouse's roof is not right...but, I hope to implement some ideas and see what I can come up with.

I've also been thinking about installing windows in the roof that can slide open which might, hopefully, allow me to use the greenhouse in the summer as well--I could allow more heat out and let the RAIN in so I wouldn't have to water as much. Just some thoughts--not sure they will work, but it is fun to puzzle over the idea.
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