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Alex, I live in NC, so I am not sure my comments apply to MN, but here goes.

In my yard, I see silver spotted skippers on cone flowers, lantana, joe pye, rudebeckia, occ on mountain mint. Lantana is native to Texas and points south, but not to me and certainly not to you. I have seen them on my silphiums, too.

I have found their larva on my Amorpha, but that plant hasn't yet bloomed so I don't know if they like the flowers.

I have baptisias flowering in fairly significant shade, but they do better in sun. I planted two kinds of Amorpha two years ago, both only get about 4 hours of sun a day and both have grown but not flowered.

I really like pokeweed. Cardinals, bluebirds and any fruit eating birds will like it. It won't stay where you put it, though. Pokeweed puts down very large, tuberous roots and once it is there it is hard to ever eliminate it (so pull out volunteers really quickly if they are where you don't want them!)

Good luck!
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