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Default Anyone ever try growing Flase indego and american pokeweed.

After I saw the sliver spotted skipper nectering on the purple cone flower in our yard and researching its host plant I've decided that maybe I want to try False indego, over by where the hairy wood mints and black eyed susans are. I would dig up more of the boulivard, move the recyling boxes to under the hack berry tree. And move and plant the wood mint to make room for a false indego so I can hopefully have sliver spotted skipper cats.. What are the chances there is a breeding population of theses skippers in my area?( inner city). The host plant gets big, like 10 feet big, so is it worthwhile or was it the skipper just a passerby.

Another plant I'd like to try is American poke weed in the shadier haunts to hopefully draw in more then just house sparrows. I know there are other birds in the area I heard a morning dove, saved a chickadee from the sparrows of evil, (they were battling on the fence I went out and both birds flew away) and seen blue jays/robins./ect
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