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I tried the camera using both the floral modes as you had suggested. Looks good but I also noticed I can't use the zoom along with them to get those super close shots of lets say, insect body parts. Focal problems BIG time. Is there a route to do that?

One thing I see I didn't like when viewing the taken photos was when you Zoom in for a closer look. It is not a smooth panning gradual movement to enlarge an area. It jerks to a larger view, then another jerk to a larger yet view of a section. I loose track of which area it's choosing to boink to. I'm used to a smooth slow merging into an increased view of an area of MY choice.

boink boink boink.... bigger bigger bigger wherever IT chooses.

I just went to play with it a bit and took A shot and now have a dead battery. Looked for the contents box and it's not there...Agggggh Someone MOVED it. Where? I do not know. May be a while before I can play as the charger and extra battery were in that box!
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