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Originally Posted by fishlkmich View Post
Thanks Jack.

Any birds that may return will meet the owls next year. Because they only nest in colonies, even a few birds will be difficult to start over with. I can't find anyone who has built owl guards for bluebird houses and I will have to build custom guards for the other housing. One martin house is destroyed and has to be rebuilt. Two houses are old aluminum houses with 6"X6"X6" compartments. They have to come down. Guards could be made for them, but they are over 30 years old and it isn't worth it. I may do a bunch of work and have no birds show up next year, or the owls may beat any system that I come up with.

It will be interesting to document, but it looks like a sad ending.
Mark, have you seen the owls in action? What else are they feeding on there that will keep them situated once the birds are gone??

I would actually welcome a few big owls here. The rabbits are out of hand and , though I have three significantly sized brush piles on my property, no foxes have chosen my yard for their home. I think the coyotes are responsible for that, and perhaps I have given protection from the coyotes with my brush piles for the rabbits. I keep thinking that where there is food, there will come predators, but the rabbits keep proliferating.
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