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Thanks for the encouragement biigblueyes and will-o on keeping a few old favorites. Teasing Georgia and Black Beauty lilies will stay. I dug up a clematis 'Harlow Carr' that I'm fond of also but will be moving it over to climb on a huge Darlow's Enigma rose I have on the other side of the backyard. After being used to keeping 20 to 30 roses I'm now down to just a handful. Lilies and clematis became new obsessions after the roses but like you will-o I'm getting tired of heavy maintenance and shrubs and small trees really save on the maintenance involved in keeping a perennial garden.

Both the rose and the lilies are maintenance free, I garden organically and never spray anything. If it can't take those conditions they get shovel pruned. I think I'm going to like the combination of the wispy grasses with the roses texturally, the baptisia looks great with them too and I think the color palette I've chosen will complement the rose and the lilies. White and pink phlox, blue salvia, pink liatris, purple coneflower and bergamot I think will all work together harmoniously. Most of these plants are used in traditional gardens anyway so they don't really look "wild" if that's the right term for it. Really I'm just getting rid of some of the dogs and thugs like non-native salvias and daylilies which didn't do it for me anyway. All the bad doers are gone - so many roses I tried and they just didn't thrive. So now I get to have the best of both worlds I suppose, the pollinators will love it and so will I.

hava - I don't know if I could have the dicipline to hold back at a plant sale. You are a better man than I Charlie Brown! Well, at least you'll get to play in your garden later in the summer and fall which I'm sure is glorious in your neck of the woods.
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