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It'll be interesting to see how this goes for you. It's been years since I put up martin houses and they're still not used by purple martins... that happens.... I know and these HOSP hotels are great for anyone with a BB gun so I guess they're worth religiously putting up every year afterall. The nite guards have mixed reviews. I've got 1 nite guard.... no point in attaching it to the frame of the martin house though considering we have no PMs. A great horned owl is a big bird. There have been reports of them grabbing onto the guards and flapping their wings shaking things up a bit then grabbing a snack as the residents fly out.
That is exactly what they do and since I have all adult birds (no young), they flush when the owl beats its wings on the housing. That is why I chose the Nite Guard product over building other protection. I attached four of them to a 18" 2"X2" and put it on the house in the middle of the colony. It will work, or it won't.

I know of two people who put up martin housing this spring and have birds already. They are both in prime locations, with nearby colonies. One of them has never tried to identify a martin, tree swallow, or HOSP. He has A LOT of questions - daily!
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