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I think lots of folk assume all preppers are doomsdayers or way out in left field preparing for every possible scenario under the sun because of what's getting shown on tv. I saw a part of 1 of those programs and one lady and her wife who'd had a sex change operation were stock piling all kinds of oddball things which included a supply of transgender hormone replacement drugs and I think some hair dyes and I couldn't help but think.... if a flood wipes through their town and the woman's floating down river along with some debris.... will anyone trying to fish her out care if she's got a little stubble or her "roots" are showing as long as she lives>>>? I think off the wall preppers are in the minority.... most are probably like me..... they're believers in "prepping" to become more self reliant and to get ahead of inflation what with the cost of groceries going through the ceiling and I definitely think ordinary folk are paying attention to all the supercell tornadoes ripping across the US and say whaaaaaaat.... another foot of snow out west earlier this week>>>? I'm sure that didn't slip by unnoticed with more load warnings posted for those folk. There's an article on when trucks stop that's definitely worth reading and I'm pretty sure I posted it for Dappy somewhere but he musta missed it, It's the water mentioned in that article that unnerves me. I totally wasn't making the connection that without the chemicals to treat our water... it wouldn't be able to be purified and we'd run out of drinkable water in no time flat. Just when I thought a 3 mos supply of food was plenty and then... I read that article. If anyone doesn't believe me that having no water is a big time problem that tends to make people uglier than if they're going hungry.... try a test... pretend the handles on your toilets don't work and none of the spigots in your house have water and see how well you hold up for a week. We've gone without water before and... it sucked. We blew through all the water in my rain barrels in under a week. I've got water storage containers downstairs now.... plenty to drink, cook with, flush toilets, brush teeth, and wash up a few loads of laundry for a few weeks... storing more than that won't happen since I don't have the space.
jack> "In such an apocalytic scenario, would you share your stash with starving neighbors? If not, would you defend your supply with lethal force? Just being prepared at home doesn't necessarily mean the problem, God forbid it happens, is solved." God forbid is right. I've thought about it a little.... I'm not gonna dwell on it because in such a scenario.... we'd all be toast. What I did think about is sharing my "stash" as you call it. For sure.... I would. You know why.... because it's the right thing to do and I've shared before when we've flooded out and when our power's been down and now the 2 families we shared with are hopefully putting some things away and who knows....maybe they're telling their friends and family what happened to them so others will put a few things aside and what are these stashes for exactly>>>? They're for emergency use so after what ever happens passes.... we build up our "stash" again. Now.... if our economy goes beyond tanking and actually collapses like quite a few folk are predicting and it starts looking like we're up against a long span of hard times.... well then I guess I'd still find something to share but I'd have to think about me and mine 1st so we'd probably get out of dodge fast. What about you? Do you have a little stash going or are you gonna rely on wildcrafting? Are you a sharing kinda guy or a lethal force kinda guy? Just curious.
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