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If people use coconut oil for cooking in areas where coconuts are virtually free, I wouldn't assume it's the best for health purposes.

I've read that small amounts of sesame oil can be used mainly for taste purposes which made sense to me since I never see it in large containers. So I now use it in small amounts from the very small bottle it comes in. My only other oil olive. But only First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, EVOO. Redundant. I've read that any pressings after that are crap. Disregard the word "Pure" on a label. It is meaningless as a standard.

Palm oil is why movie theater popcorn is so much better tasting. When the negative health aspects of palm oil were revealed and sales of popcorn dropped precipitously , the movie theaters switched to other oils and made a lot of noise about it. People started buying the movie theater popcorn again, expecting it would taste the same as before. It did not! In fact, it was pretty awful! Movie goers stopped buying it. After the theaters realized how much their coffers were going down, they quietly started using palm oil again!
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