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jpdenk> ya.... I'm pretty sure they'd come depending on their assessment of the situation. They are on a shoestring budget though and the cost of gas is gonna do a number on em but... they're the kinda folk who would either hop in their car or get on the phone and start dialing for donuts trying to find someone local who could help if they couldn't.
Dappy> It's sorta funny now. It shreiked.... I shreiked.... it shreiked.... I shreiked and then.... we both shut up and stared at each other like, "Now what?" I just wasn't expecting it is all. A hawk.... even a small 1 in a chicken coop when the only way it coulda gotten in was through the chicken door that's like only 14" high by 12" wide>>>? The more I think about this the more I think it swooped into the chicken run and came to rest on the landing then walked in. I don't think it can access that area any more... I added more fishing line. I can see the red-tailed in the dead Elm tree so it's still out and about scoping the chicken run with high hopes.... it just can't find a safe way in with all the fishing line. Same thing for the Coopers hawk which is hangin' out in the dead Norway Maple about 1000' away from the dead Elm. Tee he.... no chicken dinner for you or you or you or the owl that camps out in the Black Cherry that overlooks the chicken door at dusk.
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