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There's some milkweeds that could support a limited number of caterpillars here in my is blooming a bit now. It's been pretty warm...not sure if any records have been broken, however. The best thing here is we've had enough precipitation over the winter. That is more of a blessing than the warmer temps. Without the right kinds of vegetation or water (not to mention the wildfire damages) in parts of the state, the wildlife suffered losses that was just beyond anything I could ever believe was possible in Texas. I was alive back in the 50's. In those childhood memories, I don't know for sure if it ever got that bad. I was just a child in a family that wasn't especially concerned about wildlife, but I suspect it wasn't as bad. One thing I've noticed this far, I haven't seen any tiger butterflies...not the Eastern Tiger or the Two-tailed Tiger...they often show up by now. Usually, I would have some chrysallises that could emerge, but nothing this year.
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