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You know those poor people, all a bunch of slackers without a thought to the damage they cause with all that consuming they do”. “Slackers” exist in all segments of our society and poor people consume considerably less than the middle class so I’m sorta left scratching my head at those comments.
The program I mentioned is in Waukegan IL…. where I volunteer. It’s a quality program that introduces at risk kids to the wilds with plenty of adult supervision that we could use more of across the US in lower socioeconomic communities if but for nothing else other than to provide kids from crime riddled neighborhoods with a stimulating academic program to “safely” while away the months of summer reinforcing what they learned during the school year. Anyone local with a police scanner can tune into Waukegan and hear what these kids are up against…. we’re not talking suburbia or rural America here where many kids are sent to camps or are free to “explore” on their own. I know most kids would benefit from this type of summer programming but rather than fooling ourselves pretending we’ve got enough $$$ to fund this properly coast to coast….why don’t we get the biggest bang for our tax dollar by providing it ONLY to the children from school districts that need it the most…. where hopey, feely, changey isn’t working as in…. the schools where our children’s raw NAEP scores are the lowest and drop out rates are the highest.... they’re ALL our children and we’ve got to stop “raising” human crops of minimally educated consumers and workers,
And… the money is out there to provide this type of programming to socioeconomically deprived children…. all we have to do is ditch this recently mandated database that does zip nadda nothing for our children and redirect ALL the funds to the lowest performing schools, Student privacy at risk from feds—Emmett McGroarty & Jane Robbins -
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