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When did you take that 1st photo.... it's spectacular.
I like adding damp sand like you do. Since I've got oodles of starlings that pick me clean of any seed I broadcast.... I started winter sowing basically in the middle of blizzards. The starlings are hunkered down when it's snowing and if we get enough snow.... the seed is somewhat protected from them. It snowed about 6" a few days ago so I tossed a heavy jacket on over my bathrobe and put on some boots and ran out and started tossing grass seed in my oak savanna. They'll get most of my seed but... they won't get it all. If you've got any customers having problems with starlings... maybe you could pass that "tip" on.
Totally off topic and I'm really sorry asking since I know you've got so many customers you don't know me from Adam but.... I usually call my order in with a credit card. I'm making a conscientious effort to stop using charge cards. Can I send a check this year along with a list of seed I want?
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